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Conference title : High Level Seminar on: Capacity Building of African Universities in Popularizing Distance Education Through the Use of ICT

Virtual Seminar (Zoom)

Duration: 1 day

Date: 03 May 2021

Languages: French & English

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The Covid19 health crisis has disrupted the structure of education in Africa, revealing the vulnerability and precariousness of African education systems. What is certain is that the crisis has prompted countries to rethink their education structures so that they are better prepared and better equipped to face such trials.

Indeed, digital projects and initiatives are multiplying across the continent. It is true that digital technology has made some extraordinary achievements, but it should not be overlooked, that for several categories and regions, this digital revolution is yet to manifest, especially during the current health crisis (lack of computers, weak network, unstable electricity, etc.).

In the same way, it is necessary with regard to the above to ask several questions:

1- What capacities should be strengthened to make African Universities vectors of development and popularization of distance education through the use of       ICTs?
2- What legal and institutional framework should be implemented to better meet the requirements of ICTs?
3- What partnership mechanisms and structures should be put in place to guarantee the popularization of distance education?

These few questions and many others will form the basis of this seminar, not only to examine these different points, but also and above all, to trace the way for new strategies and new policies to enable African universities to adapt to the evolution of technology, especially in terms of distance learning.

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